zondag 22 mei 2011


Yesterday we had succes "porting" Installer to 4.3.3 and below.
Installer was worlds first 3rd party app store, Introduced by NullRiver, or later known as RipDev.
RipDev was awesome at Installers, they also made Icy, Hood, and other apps.
Icy is also ported by us, and released 1 month ago.


Installer works with a different system than cydia, that wy you won't be able to add a Cydia repo into installer.
As we speak we are working on a new community source for installer only, wich means you will be able to install things via installer.
We could use help, you may help us by submitting apps that where hosted by installer, or apps that have the installer structure. Or by making app with a installer structure.

Right now, Installer claims to work on every single iOS released after 2.1, even on 4.3.3

How to get it ?

#1 Add this repo in Cydia or icy : http://repo.ispazio.net .
There you should see the package THE Installer. Install that one and respring


Having problems with Installer ?

Q : It doesnt open.

A : Try to chmod, In terminal type :
chmod 755 /Applications/Installer.app/Installer Or :
chmod 777 /Applications/Installer.app/Installer


We do not ask for donations, Still, you can help us very much.
Like make apps in an installer structure, or passing trough problems to us.

You can mail us at infini.dev.team@gmail.com

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